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Just a place to visualize the next 5 - 75 years


Quotable - Tim O’Brien, born 1 October 1946


Quotable - Tim O’Brien, born 1 October 1946

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Talking with my 2 year old godson about John Coltrane turned a good day into a great one.


☂ Travel to the forest with me ☂


☂ Travel to the forest with me ☂

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“Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. Just trust what you feel.”

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At 90 Years, Harlem Church Vows to Endure Amid Relentless Change


“The beauty of Harlem is being lost,” Dedrick L. Blue, the senior pastor of the church, said in an interview last week. “Pieces of its history are being destroyed by modern development and greed..

“The steeple represents certain things that must endure,” he said. “Faith must endure. History must endure. In a city where people see churches only as relics, this steeple says, ‘No, this is an act of faith.’ And it is an act of faith to stay here

This statement pretty much summarizes how I feel about Harlem and why I stay. I cannot lie and say I love Harlem as it currently is. I do not. It bothers how proud people are that Harlem is so gentrified. It bothers me to see tour buses of tourists visiting the churches for the choirs and leaving before the sermon. It bothers me that so many businesses treat me like an undesirable in a neighborhood I grew up in. I do however still love much about Harlem and I plan to enjoy that part for as long as I can. Or until they knock that part down and put up a coffee shop that charges $5 a cup in its place.


Elbows Off the Table

Basic Table Manners: A Refresher on Food52 

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The longer video of ol’ boy killin it!

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1 Day Until Autumn: Favourite thing about fall?

↳ The colours

Here comes October

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BFI London Film Festival

well, this looks wonderful.

Why on earth would we suffer through the morning

when there’s coffee at our very fingertips. Thank you Jesus.

you’re meant to be cherished.

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